Dangers of Phentermine 37.5 mg diet pills

There are those that believe that when used along with a doctor's supervision, the dangers are minimal. However, this can be a very risky belief. Some of the side effects are deadly. This prescription weight loss drug interacts with your neurotransmitters and creates a chain reaction in your body that can create serious ramifications. Even without the severe side effects, there can be health problems such as addiction or other issues that can last a lifetime.

Risks of abuse

The body cannot handle long-term use. The problem is, this drug is in the same family as amphetamines and as highly addictive as those "uppers" drug addicts use to get high. Prescription drug abuse is nothing new, but there are published studies, one by the UN International Narcotics Control Board that claim Phentermine 37.5 mg from Gettingtherefromhere to be among the most abused prescription drugs world-wide. In its amphetamine class it is known as an anorectic and it ranks along with Ritalin that also has a side effect of weight loss and appetite control for abuse.

Serious and sometimes fatal side effects and addiction not-withstanding this drug can cause havoc on your daily life as well. Minor side effects from this product are even more likely. They include severe mood swings, tremors and heart problems. It can also cause hallucinations, seizures and bad headaches.

Dizziness, hyperactivity and jitters are common side effects. Having extra energy is great. Having so much extra energy you can’t sit still or shake is not as enjoyable. The flip side to all that energy and hyperactivity is the feeling of great fatigue that comes after it wears off.

Some patients get so fatigued they can't function. Patients are directed not to drive until they are sure how this drug will affect them. This can cause a big disruption in your life and it can be extremely invasive if you have side effects that keep you from driving for a long period of time.

FDA Troubles over the Dangers

Some prescription weight loss pills that contain amphetamines are losing their FDA approval. While it is a combination of amphetamines and other ingredients in those drugs. It is a very powerful ingredient that does not combine well with many other popular raw materials in prescription diet pills.

Adipex-P Side Effects

Doctors prescribe Adipex-P to patients who need a powerful weight loss drug. However, the side effects of this drug may far outweigh the benefits of using this drug, and there are a great many people who need to lose weight, but cannot safely take this drug. Before you choose it, make sure you discuss all of the Adipex-P side effects with your doctor and ask if there are safer alternatives you can try.

Minor Adipex-P Side Effects

To be sure not all of the Adipex side effects are dangerous. However, even the most insignificant side effects can interfere with your life, and be annoying. Simple Adipex-P side effects include dry mouth, nausea, diarrhea and/or constipation. You may be able to go about your day if these symptoms are not too severe, but it won’t be pleasant.

Taking this medication can cause jitters or sleeplessness, especially if taken too late in the day. Most physicians will first try prescribing this drug twice a day, morning and early afternoon so that you do not encounter trouble getting to sleep, or staying asleep. However, if late night munchies are a problem for you, your doctor may include a third dose before dinner. If you take it that late in the day you are definitely going to have trouble sleeping and that can cause extreme fatigue quickly.

Some other Adipex-P side effects are:

Dizziness Irritability Mood changes Uncontrollable anger Hallucinations Nervousness Twitches Loss in sexual desire Pounding heartbeat

Severe Side Effects

As annoying and even life changing as the above minor side effects can be, there are some much more sinister symptoms that can occur when taking this drug. Patients who have taken this powerful prescription drug have developed pulmonary hypertension and other serious heart problems that can even be deadly. The longer you take Adipex the higher the chances of having heart problems. Taking it along with any other weight loss supplement can be disastrous, even if those supplements are herbal or seemingly innocent. The combination of the ingredients in the prescription drug and the natural supplements combined create even more serious side effects.

You should immediately consult your physician or emergency room doctor if you have heart palpitations, swelling of the feet or legs, chest pain, breathing problems or inability to exercise.

Allergic Reactions

You may not be aware of any allergies to this drug. The ingredients used to create it are not commonly used in everyday life, or in other prescription medicines. Anyone taking it should stop immediately if they have any side effects common to an allergic reaction swelling of the face, mouth or tongue, pounding heartbeat, swelling in legs or in the feet and ankles, tremors, breathing problems, tightness or pain in the chest. Report any rashes, itching or hives to your doctor and seek immediate medical attention as this is often one of the first severe side effects that signal an allergic reaction.

Safer Weight Loss Supplements

You can find much safer alternatives that will not have the same side effects. Shop Pharmacy Counter offers an over the counter natural weight loss aid that has no unusual side effects and will give you the help you need to lose unwanted pounds without complications.



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