Two Gold Medals now that’s some motivation to get through the work in the Vineyard. Twisted River 2017 Shiraz Fist Pick awarded top gold in the 2017 Shiraz class at the 2019 NSW Small Wine Makers Show and our 2018 Shiraz also awarded second top gold at the same show in the 2018 Shiraz class.

The NSW Small Winemakers Wine show has been running since 1992 originally under the name of the “Golden West Wine Fest”. Since its early days it has endeavoured to promote the smaller wine producers. Seeing the need for a show for producers across the state the name quickly changed to encompass all of NSW ACT Wineries This unique show provides a stage for the smaller winemakers to compete against their peers across the state. NSW Small Winemakers Wine show is a not for profit organisation with the majority of our donations going to support the local community.

Shiraz pairs well with many types of food. Our suggested food paring for our 2017 Shiraz is a marbled steak or a rich beef stew and will also do amazing things to a fatty cut of beef.


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Twisted River is proud to be nominated in the 2019 DAROO BUSINESS AWARDS

The primary objective of the Cabonne Daroo Business Awards is to raise the profile of Cabonne Shire companies and organisations that demonstrate a commitment to excellence in their area of service and business management.

Twisted River Wines has been nominated in



Voting Closes 30 August

Up, up and away…. June 2019

Its time for us to recharge and restore our bodies and mind so we are heading off into the sunset to sit on a lounge chair on the beach, read a book, drink a mai tai, while considering dinner options.

Who am I kidding Helen will still be up at dawn and raring to go, and all the time worried about the vineyard and our animal family back home who, by the way, will be in good hands being looked after by some amazing friends.

Cheers Helen & Michelle

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